A localized, 45-minute webinar presented to your local business community


We craft a 45-minute online broadcast designed as an outreach, covering essential information on why and how to market in tough economic times. The webinar is hosted by E&P publisher Mike Blinder, a leading industry media expert, who will speak on:

• Case studies on how businesses who market in economic downturns perform better than their competitors and surge even higher during recovery.

• How to market effectively with the best ROI, and what messages work in down economies in order to build local brand, maintain a customer base and even increase market share.

• The secrets of gaining the best return on investment from any form of marketing, regardless if it is traditional media (like newspapers, radio and billboards) or digital (like Facebook and Google).

View Workshop Recording from Friday April 3, 2020

At the end of the session, Mike Blinder will briefly mention what solutions the local media company offers and direct attendees to fill out an online needs analysis that is submitted to the local media company for potential follow-up (All who fill out the form also receive a free copy of Mike Blinder’s book: Survival Selling.)

Included in this program for local media companies are:

    1. All marketing materials to garner attendance.
    2. Press release to invite your local chamber to help sponsor the broadcast.
    3. Online registration platform for attendees to sign-up and receive reminders.
    4. A pre-broadcast training webinar hosted by Mike Blinder for the local media company to review the program and advise on best methods for implementation.
    5. Free use of workshop recording along with continued use of online needs analysis.

For more information, contact Mike Blinder: 917-865-4827 (m) |  mike.blinder@editorandpublisher.com



Survival Workshop Invite
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View Sample Press Release to Gain Chamber Sponsors
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